Victor Langenberg

Senior advisor ecotechnology and ecosystems

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Dr. Victor Langenberg has over 25 years of experience in the monitoring, researching and assessing large water systems. He has coordinated multidisciplinary scientific teams carrying out limnological, socioeconomic and oceanographic programs on the sustainable management of large water bodies and coastal zones. He acted as OIC for UNFAO in Africa and acted as senior policy adviser on water monitoring and information management for the Ministries of Transport, Public Works and Water Management and Foreign Affairs. As senior adviser and regional manager sub-Saharan Africa at Deltares, he coordinates research and advises in the field of integrated ecosystem based approaches and techniques for more durable water resource management. He has international know-how and proficiency in the fields of aquatic ecology and limnology, in particular specialised knowledge on assessing ecosystem structures and functioning of African waters. He has a fundamental understanding of the functioning of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and their services, and of their response to perturbations.