Adaptive Circular Cities project

Published: 2 October 2015

In collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the leading Dutch research institutes Deltares, TNO, DLO and ECN have combined forces in the ‘Adaptive Circular Cities project’ to address major challenges for urban areas. Deltares is the leading institute of the project.

Major challenges for urban areas are:

• Implementing climate change mitigation
• Adaptation to climate changes and sea level rise
• Sustainable use of natural resources and ecosystems
• Finding alternatives for valuable resources
• Transition to circular economies.

The individual institutes all have their own specialties and each one has an extensive portfolio of research projects and innovative solutions that deal with the challenges mentioned above. The objective of Adaptive Circular Cities is to develop innovative combinations of these solutions with significant added value, using the state of the art expertise, tools and models that the institutes have to offer. Optimal combinations should simultaneously contribute to climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation and resource efficiency. Also, the business case for this combination should be sound and an attractive alternative to traditional, sectorial investments.

To reach the objective, a number of ambitious, serious and prominent real world cases are analyzed. Both inside and outside the Netherlands. For example: a new urban development in a former industrial area of Amsterdam; the large scale redevelopment of the central part of the city of Utrecht and (re)developments in the city of Almere. Other cases are located in Rotterdam and Ho Chi Minh City. The project delivers tailor made advice for these cases. But because of the representativeness of the chosen cases, project results will also be generically usable for other cases, in other cities.