Adaptive planning with global engineering company Aurecon

Published: 9 September 2019

Deltares and the Australian headquartered global engineering, design, and advisory company Aurecon are to collaborate on adaptive planning, an innovative approach for making robust and transparent decisions in a context of uncertainty.

The Australian water sector has been under pressure in recent years as a result of weather extremes. The continent has been afflicted by extremely high temperatures and periods of drought but also heavy rainfall and floods. To establish water management policies, develop long-term plans and make investments against the background of these issues, a number of options have to be kept open. This flexibility can be seen, for example, in the Dutch Delta Plan to which Deltares contributed.

Aurecon works on major water projects that require substantial investment.  When advising on these projects, Aurecon is eager to draw on Deltares’ knowledge as it relates to adaptive planning.

“Many water management authorities in Australia recognize the need for this and want to use adaptive planning as a tool in the future development of their infrastructure and security,’ says Shane Tyrrell, Aurecon’s head of strategic water planning.


On the left of the photo: Nadine Slootjes, head of operational water management and crisis management at Deltares; on the right: Shane Tyrrell, head of strategic water planning at Aurecon.