Annual report 2016: a selection of our extraordinary projects

Published: 15 February 2017

Would you like to know how Deltares has contributed to safe and sustainable deltas, coastal regions and rivers in 2016? This is highlighted in our digital annual report 2016. We are pleased to share the extraordinary projects in which we have applied our knowledge on water and subsurface, always in collaboration with other parties.

We have made a selection of Dutch and international highlights based on five dossiers: land subsidence, climate adaptation, nature-based engineering, freshwater scarcity and flood risk. Please also have a look at the section about our unique facilities. Here you can learn how the North Sea provides us with a treasure trove of information, how we unleashed waves on composite sheet piling in the Delta Flume, and other innovative research facilitated by our laboratories, field studies, experiments and simulators.

Have an enjoyable reading and viewing experience!

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