Australia – Yarra Valley Water applies adaptive planning to remain resilient

Published: 25 June 2019

Climate variability has historically posed risks to the services Yarra Valley Water (YVW) provides and they have already been managing these risks. However, climate change will exacerbate the nature and scale of these climate variability impacts, and it will be important for YVW to continue managing the risks this poses to their services into the future.

The Yarra Valley Water (YVW) Climate Resilience Plan will enable them to build their resilience to climate change and implement actions that expand their capacity, reduce their vulnerabilities and support long term planning for an uncertain future. This is why Yarra Valley Water are exploring an adaptive pathways approach to long term decision making.

YVW and Deltares organised a workshop  to further develop planning tools for an uncertain future. These tools help planners create a strategic vision of the future, commit to short-term actions, and establish a framework to guide future actions. A plan that embodies these ideas allows for its dynamic adaptation over time to meet changing circumstances.

workshop adaptive pathways approach

YVW’s Kathryn Naylor highlighted the importance of a flexible and adaptive approach to long term planning: “We really care about serving our customers, and finding ways to help our communities thrive both now and into the future. The intent with this approach is to create flexible plans that help us move towards our desired vision, while enabling us to keep our options open in an uncertain future. This takes extra planning work up front to prepare for a range of options, but it is worth it to improve the quality and scope of our decision making, which in turn will set us up to reach our (community led) desired future.”

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