Bather Safety App for Sand Motor upgraded

Published: 22 July 2014

The rescue services working at the Sand Motor acquired a new bather safety app recently that provides a picture of the currents throughout the area. The app is a tool that rescue services can use to assess bather safety around the Sand Motor.
Sand Motor september 2012, copyright Rijkswaterstaat

Sand Motor september 2012, copyright Rijkswaterstaat

Dangerous currents

The large-scale sand nourishment operation on the coast of South Holland has transformed the currents off the coast near Ter Heijde. In 2012, Rijkswaterstaat asked Deltares to develop a pilot version of the bather safety app that the rescue services can use to assess the present situation. It has proven to be very useful in practice.

On the basis of the experience acquired, a new app has now been developed for the provincial authority of South Holland. One difference with the pilot version is that this app maps out the currents around the entire Sand Motor. The pilot version looked exclusively at the northern side because this was where there were most concerns about bather safety.


The app has been designed to help the rescue services to make their assessments. In addition to the currents, factors such as the wind, temperature and numbers of people on the beach are important when it comes to assessing bather safety. That is why observation of the local conditions and the experience of the rescue services are just as important.

The app also shows when the sand shoals of the Sand Motor are submerged, making it clear when visitors can no longer walk in these areas.

Ongoing development

The app is constantly under development and is repeatedly being adapted in line with the requirements of the rescue services. For example, the app can now also be used on a PC, making it possible to display the information at the lifeguard posts permanently.