Contract extended for Sand Motor bathing safety application

Published: 2 August 2018

The Provincial Authority of Zuid-Holland has asked Deltares to continue with the Sand Motor bathing safety app for the next two bathing seasons.

Roderik Hoekstra: ‘It’s good to get this confirmation of the value of the information we have provided to the rescue teams since the creation of the Sand Motor.’ The safety of bathers has been kept manageable with stricter supervision, knowledge development and the deployment of additional equipment and tools such as the app. The number of rescue operations and drownings has not increased since the arrival of the Sand Motor.

National and international ambitions

The application was updated recently and it is publicly available through (in Dutch). Deltares is also looking at whether it is possible to provide a similar service at the national, or even international, level. We recently had discussions with Henk Kok, the International Senior Advisor Search & Rescue of the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM). The KNRM has taken a deliberate decision to focus on the ‘prevention’ of incidents on the water, for example through the development of various mobile applications and information systems.

Protecting bather safety

Deltares developed the app at the time with the Provincial Authority of Zuid-Holland, Rijkswaterstaat, the Safety Region and the rescue teams of Monster, ‘s Gravenzande and The Hague. There were concerns prior to the arrival of the Sand Motor about managing bather safety. It was thought that the continuous changes in the shape of the Sand Motor could lead to unpredictable situations and get bathers into difficulties. The app shows current forecasts of flow rates and beach width in the coastal area around the Sand Motor. Over the years, the app has been optimised in line with the wishes of the end user: it is accurate, simple and easy to use.