Course looking at risks of climate change for infrastructure

Published: 19 September 2014

On 20 and 21 October, Deltares will be organising a course about coping with the risks for infrastructure associated with climate change. The focus will be on roads, but the methods and techniques can also be used for other types of infrastructure such as railways or mains networks.

Expertise and experience from European research project ROADAPT

The course will share the expertise and experience acquired during the course of the European research project ROADAPT, which is generating methods that road management authorities and owners can use to identify the impacts of climate change. Using a risk-based approach, a decision can then be made about whether these impacts are acceptable and, if not, what action should be taken and when. The project is therefore producing interesting information, methods and techniques for road management authorities and companies, engineers, contractors and researchers. One of the subjects that will be covered during the course is the quick scan that was the subject of a previous report on our site.

More information and registration

The course and the information material are in English. The course will be 20th October starting 12.00 hrs till October 21st 17.00 hrs.