Danish farmers to start measurements with the Dutch Nitrate App

Published: 7 December 2018

The Danish agricultural knowledge centre SEGES has asked Deltares to link the Nitrate App to the accounts of Danish farmers on the agricultural website Landmand.dk. As a result, Danish farmers will soon be able to log into the Nitrate App.

The nitrate measurements will then be stored in a SEGES database and they can be viewed by farmers using their accounts at Landmand.dk.

In collaboration with the University of Aarhus, SEGES first conducted extensive tests on the Nitrate App. The results were very good and SEGES will use the report to register the Nitrate App as an official measurement method with the Danish Ministry of Agriculture. The Nitrate App can then be used by ‘catchment officers’, who will provide farmers in Denmark with coaching about water quality measures.

Nitraat app in Denemarken

Nitrate App used in Denmark, both photos are by SEGES

The Nitrate App: easy and fast

The Nitrate App was developed by Deltares to make it possible for farmers to measure nitrate concentrations easily, cheaply and quickly. The Nitrate App scans and analyses nitrate strips, displays the results immediately and gives users the option of sharing the data. The strips are accurate to within about 30%, which is less accurate than laboratory analyses (which have an accuracy of approximately 10%).

National and international use

The project in Denmark is not the first international application of the Nitrate App. Deltares has already been involved in a project from the University of Iowa in which measurements were made by a large group of volunteers. In addition, a project was completed recently in California during which the Nitrate App was used to identify private sources of drinking water with too much nitrate. In the Netherlands, more and more initiatives are being launched for the use of the Nitrate App on a larger scale. Against that background, it is useful that farmers can now also make private measurements by logging into the Nitrate App.