Debate ‘Sustainability of delta cities’

Published: 22 April 2014

Delta cities are facing long-term problems such as land subsidence, climate change and rapid rises in the population. Jakarta, New Orleans or Gouda: they can all look forward to major challenges.Land subsidence is a slow and lengthy process that today’s cities are not built to cope with.It is a problem that has not been adequately understood by urban planners, landscapers and architects. For these groups, Deltares will organise a debate on Wednesday 4th June, in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.

The effects of land subsidence

Experts are called in only when the effects of land subsidence become apparent. By that time, the damage to buildings, infrastructure or foundations is already clear. Or flooding may have got worse, and floods be more likely. The cost of all the resulting damage can be enormous.

The debate: land subsidence in relation to urban planning

A debate organised by Deltares will look at how we can better exploit what we know about land subsidence in urban areas. The speakers will examine the links between planning, design and construction in delta cities using Jakarta, New Orleans and the Green Heart of the Netherlands as examples. After a broad description of the issues, the debate will focus on practical solutions. Possible approaches will be suggested for the implementation of measures from a governance perspective.

Part of the IABR-2014 Rotterdam

The debate is part of the IABR in Rotterdam. In the Kunsthal Rotterdam, from May 29 through August 24, IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE– presents IABR’s projects as well as almost a hundred projects from all around the world – from the very small to the very large. Conferences, plans, movies, infographics, images and models take the visitor on a trip through the past, present and future of our urban landscapes: can we solve our environmental problems by tackling them in the city?


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