Delft3D course in Ecuador

Published: 4 September 2015

This month Deltares’ coastal morphodynamics expert Alessio Giardino was in Ecuador to train employees of INOCAR, the Oceanographic Institute of the Navy, on the use of the software Delft3D. The particular focus was on projects related to sediment management in the marine and coastal environment.

The training consisted of several topics within Delft3D: hydrodynamics, waves, sediment transport and morphodynamics. INOCAR is planning to use the modelling package on a number of research and consultancy projects in support to their daily work.

Beside from the training Deltares and INOCAR are also working on a long-term collaboration focussing on topics such as:

Coastal erosion management, coastal zone management, efficient dredging and dumping of sediments, estuary management, flooding, wave forecasting, port development, water quality, oil spill modelling, tsunami modelling, long-term morphology and geology.

Delft3D course in Ecuador