Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite 2016 – now available for download

Published: 10 February 2016

We are pleased to announce that the Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite 2016 (Delft3D FM) is available for download - introducing optimal modelling flexibility and ease in setting up new model grids, modifying existing ones, or locally increasing resolution, in a completely new graphical user interface.

The key component of Delft3D FM is the D-Flow Flexible Mesh (D-Flow FM) engine for hydrodynamical simulations on unstructured grids in 1D-2D-3D. D-Flow FM is the successor of Delft3D-FLOW and SOBEK-FLOW. It is the result of five years of research funded by Deltares and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. D-Flow FM is capable of handling curvilinear grids that provide very good performance in terms of computational speed and accuracy. In addition to this, the grid may also consist of triangles, quads, pentagons and hexagons. This provides the optimal modelling flexibility. It has never been easier to setup an integrated simulation model of coastal, estuarine, river, rural and urban environments!

Delft3D Flexible Mesh - Dutch Continental Shelf model (DCSM)

Delft3D Flexible Mesh – Dutch Continental Shelf model (DCSM)

How to get Delft3D Flexible Mesh (Delft3D FM)?

Delft3D FM is available via our Delft3D Service Packages. The software is unlimited in the number of users and you may use the software for an indefinite period of time; in other words, forever. Depending on your requested level of convenience, the prices may range from an one-time subscription fee of €3,375.– only, up to an annual fee of €33,750.–. Note that the minimum subscription period is one year. Continuation after the initial year is optional, but recommended.

You can easily order one of our service packages via and then download the software via our Download portal.


More information

Discover the new Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite 2016 here. For more information about the unique 3D interactive modelling solution using Delft3D FM, click here.

Rotterdam - Delft3D Flexible Mesh using 3D interactive modelling3-1366x768

3D interactive modelling using Delft3D Flexible Mesh – Rotterdam, The Netherlands