Delta Life no 11

Published: 5 March 2019

More than half of the global population now live in cities. That makes sense: this is where the work and the facilities are concentrated. But cities are also vulnerable. Just take Venice last autumn: three quarters of the city was submerged after a severe storm. Fortunately, there are countless ways to make cities 'resilient' and 'robust'. How do they tackle the challenge in places like Miami, Jakarta and The Hague? In this issue of Delta Life, Deltares devotes a complete 'dossier' to this subject, including an interview with Michael Berkowitz of the 100 Resilient Cities initiative.

Climate change requires not only new ways of building, but also a different way of thinking about our built environment. At least, that is the argument presented by architect Reinier de Graaf of the world-famous OMA firm. In a provocative interview with Delta Life, he calls for flight, not fight: ‘Stop fighting sea level rise: bend with it like bamboo.’
And now we are on the subject of sea level rise: maintaining our coasts requires sand, a lot of sand. Not a problem, you may think: the seabed is full of it. But supplies of suitable sand are being rapidly depleted. We provide an overview of the essential facts about this global ‘sand hunger’. Satellite data plays an important role in mapping out this problem. As it does in forecasting water scarcity, floods and much more. So this time round, our ‘centre spread’ takes a look at all these forms of earth observation from space.
And: have you ever thought about the impact of a power failure or cyber-attack on flood risk management? This issue of Delta Life identifies the main areas requiring attention.

We hope you enjoy reading this latest edition!