Deltares develops software tools for Tidal Lagoon Power to assess future lagoons

Published: 24 June 2016

Various parties claim that tidal power could generate around 20% of Britain's energy requirements. The Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon is the first large tidal energy development in the UK and Tidal Lagoon Power (TLP) plans to develop several other larger tidal lagoons around the UK coast.

Two of the potential sites for large tidal lagoon development that TLP are considering are located in the Liverpool Bay area (West Cumbria and North Wales). A further three are located in the Severn Estuary (Cardiff, Newport and Bridgwater Bay).

Development sites for Tidal Lagoons (source:

Development sites for Tidal Lagoons (source:

For optimal design of the future lagoons, TLP is using the Deltares software package Delft3D, to estimate the marine conditions at these new sites. Since Delft3D cannot predict the energy production of the power station directly, Deltares will couple the Delft3D software with the Wanda 4 software package, which contains representative modules to model turbines and turbine energy production. To facilitate this, Deltares will develop a coupling module, which allows these two hydraulic software packages to communicate. The resulting package will enhance TLP’s power output modelling.