Deltares and HydroLogic launch WaterCONNECT initiative

Published: 12 December 2018

Deltares and hydroinformatics company HydroLogic have recently signed an agreement to launch the WaterCONNECT initiative. Within WaterCONNECT private, public and research organisations work together to provide an integrated, online solution to help improve the water management decision-making.

Arnold Lobbrecht (CEO Hydrologic) and Ron Thiemann (Director Deltares) signed the agreement on November 26th.

By co-creating smart water and climate services, WaterCONNECT offers worldwide access to reliable data, simulation models, forecasts and dashboards in support of decision-making processes for operational, water-resources and urban-water management.

Combination of HydroNET and Delft-FEWS

By connecting international knowledge and software to local data and information WaterCONNECT works with clients and local parties to co-create solutions to water problems. The well-established Delft-FEWS and HydroNET platforms form the backbone of these solutions. Delft-FEWS is an open platform that efficiently handles large amounts of big datasets and performs massive computations, while HydroNET applies data-mining algorithms and analytics to these datasets to create new information and knowledge. Water professionals and stakeholders can then use the easily accessible Delft-FEWS HydroNET Water Control Room to visualise online personalised dashboards and reports and make well-informed, accountable decisions.

Impact on society

The world is currently experiencing more extreme rainfall, floods, water quality issues and drought, both as a result of climate change and world population growth. Water professionals therefore need to make responsible, time-critical decisions, based on historic and current environmental observations and predictions of short- and long-term effects. WaterCONNECT shares all relevant information among stakeholders, with manifold added value: enhancing water security during periods of drought, minimising damage during weather and water hazards, implementing sustainable water-use strategies and improving the transparency and effectiveness of water management.

Initiative of Deltares and HydroLogic

As Ron Thiemann, Director of Deltares, explains, “Deltares has been involved in setting up water-management systems all around the world and has years of experience in developing and operating forecasting systems. Becoming part of the WaterCONNECT consortium means we’re helping to ensure sustainable management of precious water resources for a water-safe environment, with sufficient clean water for everyone.”

According to Arnold Lobbrecht, CEO of HydroLogic, “The idea of working together in a chain of water knowledge and information parties ties in closely with our policy of working with our clients to co-create climate-resilient living environments. Each party in this chain is contributing its unique expertise to produce effective local solutions to water problems.”

Open consortium

WaterCONNECT connects data, software, knowledge and people. Dedicated partners adding value to the mission are welcome.