Deltares involvement on dams and reservoirs in India

Published: 18 February 2019

Deltares is knowledge partner of the Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project in India. This World Bank funded project (2012-2020) envisages the rehabilitation and improvement of 257 dams in seven states. In addition to rehabilitation of dams and flood risk management, other activities include publication of guidelines, manuals and capacity development. Recently, the World Bank approved the follow-up of the project, which will be initiated next year, involving an investment of 1.3 billion Euro.

Hirakud dam in Odisha, in the foreground one of the spillway structures followed in the background by the dyke

Official presentation handbook

Deltares expert Dr Sanjay Giri prepared a handbook for Assessing and Managing Reservoir Sedimentation, synthesizing national and international experiences, technologies, case studies and practices related to a broad spectrum of sediment-induced problems. Last week, the handbook was officially presented with other guidelines at the International Dam Safety Conference 2019 (IDSC2019) in Bhubaneswar (Odisha).

Training conducted by Deltares

For the fourth time the DRIP states and Central Water Commission will send a group of engineers and officials to Europe for a 2-week capacity development program on Dam Safety and Water Management. The training program is conducted by Deltares in The Netherlands in collaboration with the Technical University of Valencia and the Technical University of Lausanne.

Integrated platform using Delft-FEWS

Two years ago the Karnataka Water Resources Department (KaWRD) and Deltares entered a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen bonds and exchange knowledge. As part of the collaboration a pilot project called DAMSAFE, sponsored by the Dutch Partners for Waters Program, was recently completed. The project developed an integrated platform (using Delft-FEWS) for the Bhadra dam/reservoir system that incorporates reservoir inflow and dam stability forecasting in complement with installation of an online monitoring system. Deltares expert Frans van den Berg presented the outcome of the DAMSAFE project at the IDSC2019. Currently a follow-up project is in preparation.