Deltares overview 2018

Published: 18 April 2019

With great pleasure we present our online annual review for 2018. The review spotlights a number of high-impact projects in the field of water and the subsurface.

Innovative solutions for climate and water, a sustainable living environment and future-proof infrastructure. Projects that we often tackle together with other research partners and companies.

You can read, for example, about the sheet piling experiment that will help to make dike upgrades in the Netherlands more effective.

Or about Bangladesh, where we are not only introducing new technologies in the field of water management but, above all, also establishing a dialogue with users about application.

We continuously innovate in order to achieve our ambition of ‘Enabling Delta Life’. Above all, that means working not alone but in partnership with others.

We hope you have a very enjoyable reading and viewing experience.

Read our annual overview here.