Deltares shares knowledge at World Bank staff meeting

Published: 1 May 2015

Ad Jeuken, climate adaptation expert at Deltares, has been invited to give a presentation to the World Bank about the possible extreme changes in the climate (too wet, too dry) and how to take these into account in water management, for example.

Meeting for World Bank staff

The meeting will take place in New York on 11 May. The World Bank is organising the meeting for its own staff so that when assessing funding requests, they are better able to evaluate whether the chosen solution takes climate change sufficiently into account. In the invitation, the World Bank refers to ‘experts which have developed and tested knowledge in this field; knowledge which is very important to the World Bank and the countries it supports.’

Other speakers at the meeting include Robert Lempert (RAND Corporation),
Jeffrey R Arnold (Army Corps of Engineers) and Patrick Reed (Cornell University). Ad Jeuken is the only speaker from Europe at this meeting.