Deltares signs MoU in New Zealand

Published: 6 November 2016

New Zealand
Deltares signed a memorandum of understanding with GNS Science today (note: 9 November) in Auckland (New Zealand). GNS Science is a leading research institute in the field of earth sciences and geosciences. The agreement was signed in the presence of the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp, as part of the Dutch trade mission that is currently visiting Australia and New Zealand.

Deltares, the Dutch institute for independent and applied scientific research in the field of water and the subsurface, has high expectations for the alliance with the New Zealand partner: the two organisations complement each other in terms of expertise. The partner from New Zealand is a world leader in geological science relating to mountain ranges, volcanoes and hard subsurfaces and the Dutch Deltares is at the forefront of research into lowlands, deltas and soft subsurfaces.

Tongariro crossing New Zealand

Tongariro crossing New Zealand


GNS Science also has extensive expertise in the field of geothermal energy that can be used to study earthquakes and the associated models for predicting and measuring effects. Deltares believes that it will be able to use this expertise immediately in studies of the earthquakes caused by gas extraction in Groningen.

GNS Science, on the other hand, urgently needs the knowledge about groundwater systems at Deltares because there is intense debate in New Zealand about the possible pollution of groundwater by livestock farming.

The two organisations intend to draw on each other’s knowledge to strengthen their roles as research institutes in their own countries. Given projects outside their own national borders, Deltares and GNS Science believe that this alliance will allow them to improve their competitive position.

Royal visitors

Queen MaximaAfter the successful launch of the ‘Smart Scanner for Water Resilient Cities’ in Australia by King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima, Deltares employees had another opportunity to meet the royal couple on 9 November during their state visit to New Zealand. Employees Rogier Westerhoff and Marc Weeber presented a range of instruments for testing water availability and water quality in New Zealand at the AgriFood Forum in Auckland.

The research areas of water quantity and quality are closely interlinked and they are of major importance for agriculture in terms of both improving the economic efficiency in the sector and making it more sustainable.

The royal couple were treated to, among other things, a demonstration of the Deltares ‘Nitrate App’: a simple app for the mobile phone that allows anyone to measure nitrate concentrations in surface water and to share the information.

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