Deltares Software Days in full swing (in Dutch)

Published: 20 June 2019

Tuesday 18 June sees the start of the Deltares Software Days - Edition 2019 (DSD-NL 2019), with a total number of 285 participants, from 88 organisations. The DSD-NL is the Dutch equivalent of the international Delft Software Days (DSD-INT). The focus of the DSD-NL event is on developments and innovations in software, related to water, subsurface and infrastructure, specially designed for the Dutch and Belgium market.

The programme consists of all-day user meetings and symposia, such as the Delft-FEWS NL User Day, the iMOD User Day, the Delft3D FM Symposium, the Mini Symposium Basic Registration Subsoil (BRO) and the Geo Customer Day.

This year again, is centred round your own case history. Various programme components are aimed at highlighting your own issues, models and user experiences. An example of this are the break-out sessions “Delft3D FM developments for regional applications” and “Feedback market parties Delft3D RWS (Rijkswaterstaat) models” at the Delft3D FM Symposium, the break-out session “hands on with new features” at the Delft-FEWS NL User Day and the RiverLab workshop – Bring Your Own Model (BYOM), in which we jointly address specific questions, problems, or the ‘Best modelling practice’.

The knowledge products in the form of software are the connecting factor for us all. To quote keynote speaker Harold van Waveren, chairman of the National Flood Risk Coordination Commission, the crisis Advisory Committee of ‘Rijkswaterstaat’, at the Delft-FEWS NL User Day: “SMART water management works, for both flooding and drought. Delft-FEWS plays a crucial role in this. In times of crisis, the Dutch Water Boards and the Ministry of Public Works can get the maximum out of the water system together”.

At the DemoPlaza, Deltares offers a stage for demonstrations of innovative software applications and presentations of leading projects. Throughout the week, several software partners make use of this opportunity to share 1-to-1 knowledge with other users and developers, and to discuss innovative methods.

Key milestones are the launch of “Delft-FEWS Community Portal” and D-Stability from the D-GEO Suite 2020. The portal launch takes place at the Delft-FEWS NL User Day on Tuesday 18 June. D-Stability will be launched on the Geo Customer Day on Thursday 20 June.

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