Deltares at Understanding Risk Balkans conference: presenting impact-based forecasting

Published: 18 September 2018

Deltares (flood risk expert Annegien Tijssen) is giving a presentation at the 'Understanding Risk Balkans conference' in Belgrado today, within the session: ‘Flood Protection is everyone’s responsibility’. The session will look into complex interactions between flooding and society, as highlighted by conceptual mathematical models that describe economic decisions related to long term flood protection strategies and impact-based forecasting of extreme weather events.

Annegien Tijssen (second on the left) presenting at the Understanding Risk Balkans Conference.

Case Kraljevo

Deltares aims to learn more about stakeholder needs with respect to impact-based forecasting information and emergency management. How can we enable effective decision making? What type of information is needed? And how can this be visualized? Annegien Tijssen presents the preliminary results from the team’s earlier work sessions with Zdravko Maksimovic in both Kraljevo (Serbia) en Delft (the Netherlands) .

Relevant information for crisis manager

Serbia is frequently affected by many different natural hazards. In 2014 and 2016 the municipality of Kraljevo was impacted by severe floods. Together with the head of Civil Protection from Kraljevo City, Serbia, Deltares has investigated impact-based forecasting by utilizing and testing the output possibilities from some of our tools such as CIrcle, Delft-FIAT, wflow and a dashboard design. For a crisis manager impact information (e.g. people/infrastructure/public services affected) is much more useful than hazard forecasts or risks. And during an emergency the manager has to filter the relevant information.

Global Dialogue Platform

On Friday 28th September Deltares will co-organise a session at the Global Dialogue Platform on Forecast-based Financing Conference organized by the Red Cross. In both these international events we will reflect with other end-users on our assumptions based on the preliminary results with Kraljevo.