Design of the Dutch pavilion at Dubai EXPO 2020 unveiled

Published: 11 December 2018

A biotope highlighting circular solutions and stimulating all the senses; this is the distinctive design of the pavilion of the Netherlands for the Dubai EXPO 2020. Together with the consortium that created the design, the Dutch Consul-General, Mr Hans Sandee, unveiled it on Sunday, 9 December 2018 in Dubai. The pavilion is one of the highlights of the multi-year Dutch campaign in the Gulf region, that focuses on Dutch knowledge and expertise in the area of water-energy-food.

‘We are proud of this beautiful design, which highlights the capabilities and ambitions of the Netherlands; intergraded and unique solutions connecting water, energy and food,’ said Minister Kaag for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

Nexus water, energy and food for a better climate

Global issues in the field of water, the growing demand for energy, and food security also play an important role in the Gulf region. The Gulf countries are the largest consumers per capita of water and energy and a large part of the food is imported. That has to change and can be more sustainable, according these countries.
The Netherlands likes to think along and investigates the possibilities to connect water, energy and food issues in a sustainable and future-proof way. With a pavilion where new concepts are displayed, the Netherlands is showing the innovative power to capitalize on the opportunities for a better climate both in the Gulf region and beyond.

Deltares in the Gulf region

Deltares has been active in the Gulf region for more than 15 years, including research into strategic freshwater supplies in the subsurface, the desalination of water and the development of software for simulating water quantity and – quality.
‘Our researchers have been working on water-based issues about the water, energy and food nexus for many years. It is precisely in this region, where the transition to new energy sources is set in motion and the population can still grow strongly. Therefore, water requirement dependents on changes in the food and energy sector. These questions must be investigated, implemented and monitored together,” says Timo Kroon, researcher at Deltares.

Mini world for the real world

In the Netherlands pavilion you step into a mini world where these three elements are inextricably linked and the indoor climate is managed in a natural way.
The Netherlands also sets the tone with its exterior and interior. The pavilion will be built with locally rented and available building materials, so transport is limited to a minimum. All materials are returned to the region afterwards and are given a next destination. With this approach, the ecological footprint of the Netherlands pavilion is kept to a minimum. Deltares supports this concept and also is driven to embed it in its own business operations.

Information about Dubai EXPO 2020

Between 20 October 2020 and 10 April 2021, the 35th World Exhibition will take place in Dubai. It is the first world exhibition in the Middle East. Under the theme ‘Connecting minds, creating the future’, 170 participating countries present ideas, innovations and technologies. Deltares is one of the participating partners in the nexus of water, energy and food.