Development of a consistent European dataset for (future) tide, storm surge and wave conditions

Published: 16 November 2017

The Copernicus Climate Change Service awarded a contract to Deltares, in association with JBA Consulting (UK), Danish Meteorological Institute (Denmark), National Research Council - Institute of Marine Sciences (Italy), University College Cork (Ireland), to provide a consistent European dataset for tide, storm surge and wave conditions, for both a historical baseline and future scenarios.

Available in Copernicus Climate Data store

Besides tide, storm surge and wave conditions, the dataset will also include a set of Climate Impact Indicators (CII’s) and new tools designed to evaluate the impacts of climate change on different sectors and industries. The resulting data will be made accessible through a web portal on Copernicus Climate Data Store in 2019.

Five use cases

Apart from producing meaningful European climate change dataset, Deltares is coordinating five coastal use cases that are vulnerable to climate change impact from the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Ireland and Italy. This focus is on coastal issues such as flooding, sedimentation and coastal erosion, industries such as offshore wind and ports are also included. With good practice of the use cases the consortium can demonstrate the extraordinary value of such climate data service on the management and operation of coastal sectors.

Complete information for coastal waters

Frank Hoozemans, Director of Marine and Coastal Systems at Deltares commented “This is good example of the Deltares contribution to providing sustainable solutions under the influence of climate change. This contract demonstrates once more the added-value of the Deltares Global Tidal and Surge Model (Delft3D FM Suite) under current and future climate conditions. The results will enhance our capabilities to provide complete information and forecasting systems for coastal waters around the globe.”