Dutch knowledge used to develop and protect Manila Bay

Published: 24 January 2018

The Netherlands and the Philippines are joining forces to develop and protect Manila Bay. Led by Deltares a plan will be developed to clean up Manila Bay and improve the living conditions in Metro Manila and coastal zone. The region will also be made more resilient to the effects of climate change. The Dutch ambassador to the Philippines, Marion Derckx, signed an agreement with the Philippine government last Monday.


Building on past experience

The Philippine government believes that the execution of this plan will benefit millions of people around the bay. The planning project will cost approximately 5 million euros, with 1 million euros being paid by the Netherlands. The experience gained in similar projects in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia will contribute to the planning study in the Philippines.

Frameworks for redevelopment

Tjitte Nauta (regional manager for Asia and project director for the ‘Manila Bay Sustainable Development Master Plan’): “This plan contains the frameworks for management and development of the bay: what is possible, what isn’t and what has to be done where?” The plan targets economic, ecological and social goals. An important focal point of the master plan is “inclusive growth”, where the aim is to deliver an integral, sustainable and inclusive plan that will benefit the more than 25 million inhabitants around the bay.

The signing last Monday by Marion Derckx (Dutch ambassador in the Philippines) and Ernesto Pernia (secretary for socio-economic planning in the Philippines)