Dutch Risk Reduction Team visits Cuba this week

Published: 16 July 2018

In September 2017, after it had wreaked havoc on Saint Marten, hurricane Irma severely hit part of Cuba’s North coast and caused flooding in Havana. This year again, it is expected that approximately three severe hurricanes come close to or pass over Cuba. Better preparing the country to cope with hurricanes and consequential flooding is an urgent priority for Cuba.

Malecon of Havana

At the request of Cuba, a Dutch Risk Reduction Team has been selected that will advise on a disaster risk reduction strategy for Cuba, with particular focus on the coastal protection for the Malecon of Havana (Cuba’s most famous sea-side avenue). The DRR-Team is an initiative of the Dutch government and the Dutch water sector to share the Dutch water expertise across the globe. The DRR-Team will consist of three Dutch experts: Joana van Nieuwkoop (coastal expert Deltares), Marinus Pool (international consultant) and Arend Jan van de Kerk (RHDHV) and will visit Cuba from 15 to 20 July 2018.

Damaged houses near the Malecon, caused by the many floods

Increase resilience to climate change

With the Dutch Risk Reduction Team’s visit, Cuba aims for direct contacts and discussions with Dutch experts that will result in feasible suggestions, plans and projects to strengthen the country’s coastal protection and increase its resilience to climate change.

Dutch Risk Reduction team

The Dutch are world-renowned for their water expertise. Dutch experts are involved in water-related projects all over the globe. The Dutch government and the Dutch water sector founded the Dutch Risk Reduction Team, a government-to-government instrument that focuses on sending project teams across the globe to give expert advice on disaster prevention: from mitigation, preparedness and response to recovery.