€ 8 million for consortium Enabling water technology

Published: 25 March 2021

A consortium, consisting of Wetsus, University of Groningen, Deltares and NOM receives € 8 million to faster translate water technology research results into society and the economy. This will accelerate the transition towards a more circular, sustainable and climate neutral economy.

The Netherlands Enabling Watertechnology (NEW) consortium stimulates startups and other entrepreneurship initiatives in water technology. Issues like water treatment, reuse of water and raw materials, production and storage of energy from water and smart management of the water system are the main topics. Nick Leung, project manager at Deltares says; “I know that there is a lot of innovation potential in start-ups and hopefully we can now help them with the applicability . It would be a huge shame if those innovations are not implemented while they are needed in society. I’m really looking forward to getting started. ”

NEW has two pillars: knowledge transfer and an investment fund. Promising initiatives are scouted,, guided in the valorization process and after selection nominated for a review by the NEW-fund.  Because without the funding, innovations may not be implemented.

The NEW consortium is one of three consortia to receive € 8 million, was announced by the Dutch ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.