Franco-Dutch alliance in GO-FRESH project

Published: 27 January 2014

Deltares is part of a consortium working on the GO-FRESH (Geohydrological Opportunities FRESH water supply) project, which is studying the extent to which local measures can increase supplies of fresh water for agriculture in areas that work independently from the main water system.

This involves using the subsurface to store fresh water when there are ample supplies of water so that it can be used in drier periods (Managed Aquifer Recharge). Three trials have been in place in the province of Zeeland since 2013. They appear to be highly promising in terms of improving supplies of fresh water for agriculture.

Monitoring data available directly from website

Deltares is working with the French company ImaGeau to monitor changes in salt concentrations in the groundwater. The Subsurface Monitoring Device (SMD) developed by ImaGeau measures the conductivity of the subsoil and the groundwater in a borehole. Conductivity varies in line with the salt levels in the groundwater and the SMD records these trends. The measurements with high time and space resolutions (they are taken daily and have a vertical accuracy of 10-20 cm) are sent directly to a website and can therefore be viewed online.

In the Creek Ridge Infiltration Test in Serooskerke, ImaGeau is measuring the growth of the freshwater lens in the saline groundwater. These measurements have shown that the test is a success: good results have been obtained after just a few months of rainwater infiltration.

Alliance signed in the presence of Prime Minister Rutte and President Hollande

An agreement was signed in the Shipping Museum in Amsterdam on 20 January by Laurent Depraz, the ImaGeau president, and Maarten Smits, the Deltares managing director. The ceremony was conducted in the presence of President Hollande and Prime Minister Rutte.

Maarten Smits en Laurent Depraz ondertekenen de samenwerkingsovereenkomst

Maarten Smits and Laurent Depraz sign the agreement

The consortium for this Knowledge for Climate project consists of Deltares (the lead partner), Alterra, KWR, Acacia and Hogeschool Zeeland.

The project GO-FRESH is financed by Knowledge for Climate, Province of Zeeland, Meeuwse handelsonderneming bv, STOWA, municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland, ZLTO, waterboard Brabantse Delta, Productschap Tuinbouw and is in cooperation with waterboard Scheldestromen.