Free testing time in experimental facilities Deltares for SMEs and start-ups

Published: 21 July 2020

Due to rising sea-level and an ever-growing population in coastal and river areas, the pressure on delta’s worldwide is increasing. New knowledge and innovations are needed to provide a safe and sustainable way of living in delta areas. Many of these innovations are being developed by start-ups and other small & medium Enterprises (SMEs), which could positively impact society.

Supporting innovative SME initiatives

Deltares develops knowledge on wide-ranging water-related topics using state-of-the-art physical experimental facilities and aims to support innovative SME initiatives. To accelerate this interaction with SMEs , Deltares offers effective cooperation, including up to a maximum of 80 hours of free testing time in one of our experimental facilities to test early design concepts of hydraulic devices and innovations. This could include for example innovative (marine) energy equipment, monitoring or measurement tools or instruments, bed or coastal protection concepts. SMEs can bring their own models to test in our facilities in Delft, and Deltares can also assist in constructing the models. For more information about the experimental facilities at the Deltares campus, visit our website.

We hope to welcome innovative SME companies in our experimental testing facilities and to collaborate on innovative developments and solutions. Please contact us for more information and we look forward to hearing from you.

This call is now closed. Your application form should have been submitted before September 15th 2020. The expect to organise a new call end of 2021.