Iconic project for sustainable urban redevelopment

Published: 17 April 2015

Deltares, TNO and Utrecht University will be teaming up under the auspices of the European Climate-KIC programme Smart Sustainable Districts to transform the heart of Utrecht into an iconic example of sustainable redevelopment.

That process of sustainable redevelopment will involve four operational processes. Deltares will be playing a major role in this programme: we will have the lead in two of the four processes, namely ‘Hybrid systems for heating and cooling at district level’ and ‘Greening, cool spots, water retention, rooftop farming’. The Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI) will be the overall lead partner, involving other European research institutions in the sustainable redevelopment ambitions of the city of Utrecht and its partners (such as the Jaarbeurs exhibition and convention centre). Those institutions will be working with the various project teams. The Deltares projects will involve working with Imperial College London.

Ongoing development of innovations in climate resilience

Climate KIC aims to further develop innovations in practice in the area of climate resilience in a number of major European cities (or districts) and to test those innovations before ultimately replicating them in other cities. Four cities were selected. The other three cities are London (the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park), Berlin and Copenhagen. All the projects are in the Smart Sustainable District category.

Characteristics of a Smart Sustainable District

A smart sustainable district or city has less, and slower, traffic, climate- and energy-neutral buildings, and smart water management and greening. That makes for pleasant surroundings, and creates space for new forms of working, housing, shopping and nightlife. It also reduces heat stress and CO2 emissions.