Improving transport resilience in the Dominican Republic

Published: 9 August 2019

The Dominican Republic’s road network plays a central role in maintaining connectivity in the country and any failures or difficulties have a serious impact on socio-economic activity.

Even though indicators for the quality of the road network are positive, transport planning authorities are prioritising the deployment of effective strategies to address the infrastructure challenges associated with threats such as floods, torrential rains, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and the exacerbated effects of climate change.

The InterAmerican Development Bank has called on Deltares to help improve the efficiency of public spending on transport infrastructure and to enhance transport resilience. Working with the local engineering company CSI Ingenieros, Deltares will provide support for the implementation of robust decision-making about the adaptation of the road network. A risk assessment for multiple natural hazards and climate-change scenarios will serve as the basis for the prioritisation and evaluation of alternative adaptation interventions.

Ana Laura Costa (an infrastructure resilience expert at Deltares): “Natural hazards in the Dominican Republic have a major impact and the resilience of the road network is critical for society. It is very rewarding to use integrated adaptation assessment to help the country with their decision-making”.

Photo courtesy of NASA