Johan Remkes new chair of the Supervisory Board of Deltares

Published: 28 September 2020

Per 1 October Johan Remkes will be the new chair of the Supervisory Board of Deltares.

With Remkes we will have a chair with broad political and governmental experience and much affinity with social issues touching on the living environment. “As an internationally renowned knowledge institute Deltares has an important public duty. The livability of our delta is under pressure from climate change, subsidence, drought and a world wide fresh water shortage. There are huge opportunities to keep the Netherlands safe, sustainable and livable by using reliable knowledge in the field of water and subsurface. I see, internationally as well, a great need for knowledge development as an important “accelerator” of solutions for a transition towards a sustainable economy.”

Until 1 July this year, Remkes was acting mayor of The Hague. Before that he served as, amongst others, Commissioner of the King in North Holland, Minister of Internal Affairs and Vice Prime Minister.

Remkes succeeds Karla Peijs, who has been chair of the Supervisory Board of Deltares since January 2014.