KICT and Deltares: another three years of joint research

Published: 22 June 2018

The Korea Institute of Civil Engineering & Building Technology (KICT) and Deltares have renewed their collaboration on river related issues with the signing of a MoU for the coming three years.

Over the last three years these good relations intensified further especially due to joint research and experiments at KICT’s River Experiment Center (REC), and exchange of scientific staff and students between The Netherlands and Korea.
Research was carried out on the effects of vegetation on flow and sediment transport in streams in large scale outdoor experimental flumes and the resulting knowledge can be used by parties responsible for river management. Various measurement and monitoring techniques were deployed including hyperspectral imaging from drones and detailed flow measurement techniques. Results were used as input to further development of numerical models, such as Delft3D FM, and assessment methodologies.


River Experiment Center a unique testing facility

With an international group of experts on vegetated river flows, sediment dynamics and ecology the international position of REC as a unique testing facility was further strengthened. According to Ellis Penning, chair of the REC International Steering Committee, “This MoU provides an important basis for the international cooperation between researchers from KICT and Deltares. Also the uniqueness of the REC outdoor flume facility enables the cooperation with the wider international scientific community.”
The REC provides opportunities to do river related research on scales not found in standard hydraulic labs. “As the chair of the International Steering Committee I’m very proud to see a growing community of researchers and diversification of the research topics in the REC, showing that this type of large scale experimental facilities remains an important tool in furthering our knowledge for river related research”, says Ellis Penning.

Sediment sampling in the large scale facility at KICT’s River Experiment Center, Korea.

The MoU was signed by the President of KICT, dr Seung Heon Han and Deltares managing director Maarten Smits and celebrated during an official exchange at the Ilsan R&D campus of KICT. In 2015 the insitutes signed their first MoU at the 36th IAHR world conference in The Hague.