Milestone Sava Flood Warning and Forecasting System implementation project

Published: 3 July 2017

In June 2016 the Sava project started with 5 riparian countries working on one joint forecasting system in the Sava River Basin. On 13 and 14 June 2017 a training workshop was organised in Ljubjana with 35 participants from 5 different countries including guests from WMO, Unesco and the Joint Research Centre (EU).

Second pre-release

At the workshop the pre-release 0.2 was presented according to planning and specifications. The focus of this second pre-release was to implement the hydrological and hydraulic models and to connect them to operational telemetry data and numerical weather predictions. The forecasting system is operationally running. In the next releases, the forecasting system will be extended with features like data assimilation, uncertainty predictions, next to forecast dissemination and installation of backup system components.

Workshop SAVA pre-release 0.2

Special transboundary project

The Sava-FFWS is a special project because the Sava river basin (97,700 km2) is shared by five countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. Each country has its own models, monitoring systems, forecasting systems, water authorities and interests. An effective Sava FFWS has to bridge the differences and support collaboration in the field of water management. Between 14 and 20 May 2014, there were disastrous floods in the Sava basin that resulted in 79 casualties and substantial economic damage in Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Serbia.

Delft-FEWS was chosen as platform for the system, allowing a wide range of external data and various models to be integrated into a common platform.

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