Netherlands and Mexico work together on flood risk management

Published: 16 April 2014

Minister Ploumen of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation signed a Memorandum of Understanding yesterday with the federal government of Mexico (Conagua) in the field of flood risk management.

Tabasco and Acapulco

Minister Ploumen was in the state of Tabasco to support collaboration on economic development, which is based on flood risk management, and in which other sectors such as oil & gas, sustainable infrastructure, agriculture, logistics and the environment play important roles. In addition to Tabasco, the focus is also on integral coastal management on the pacific coast (Acapulco).

Samenwerking Nederland en Mexico op het gebied van waterveiligheid
Deltares contribution

On Friday 11 April, Bas van de Pas of Deltares, in association with Arcadis, organised a workshop on thesocial innovation Festival Catapulta in Oaxaca. The workshop looked at the use of innovations (many of them Dutch) such as simulation, gaming and participation tools. These innovations have considerable added value for the development of sustainable water solutions. A range of model simulations were discussed and there was a demonstration of the Map Table and the delta game.
On Saturday 12 April, Deltares also signed a cooperation agreement with the municipal authority of Oaxaca for the Sustainability Water System project in Oaxaca. Finally, Deltares will also be concluding a knowledge2knowledge agreement with Mexico that involves universities in the Netherlands and Mexico, and the Global Change Centre there.