NieuweWarmteNu! to build collective heating systems thanks to Growth Fund

Published: 31 August 2022

With the help of 200 million euros from the National Growth Fund, NieuweWarmteNu! (NewHeatNow!) can phase out the use of natural gas by 26,000 homes and buildings, and over 800 acres of greenhouses. The Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate has decided to follow the recommendation of the Growth Fund committee and to invest in collective sustainable heating systems with all the members of the NWN! consortium. Deltares is one of those members and it co-wrote the proposal to accelerate the heating transition.

Bonne van der Veen, co-author of the proposal: “With the approval of twelve projects and the demonstration of 6 innovations in practice in NieuweWarmteNu!, we will be building collective and sustainable heat systems with low costs for society. In that way, we can move forward in NieuweWarmteNu! with the knowledge, experience and the network we have acquired in WarmingUP.” Saskia Hommes of Deltares is leading an extensive learning and development programme which will manage the sharing of experience with future projects. In addition, Deltares is involved in three innovations: the improvement and expansion of the Heat Networks Design Toolkit, the optimisation of well designs for large-scale seasonal heat storage – High Temperature Storage or HTO – and the integration of the HTO-Nesselande in the heat network in Rotterdam.

The approval of this application will be a boost for the acceleration of the phasing out of natural gas for heating and the deployment of sustainable collective heat systems at acceptable costs. The NieuweWarmteNu! consortium is therefore very happy with this grant from the National Growth Fund. The heating systems will use sustainable heat sources such as geothermal, waste heat, solar thermal and aquathermal. The projects include various forms of ownership and management for the heating systems. Sometimes the initiators are heating companies or utilities; in other projects, they are municipal authorities or local cooperatives.

NieuweWarmteNu! consortium partners

The NieuweWarmteNu! consortium consists of the following parties: heat companies (Eneco, Ennatuurlijk, Essent, HVC, SVP and Vattenfall), parties working on energy from the subsurface (EBN, Equans, Huisman and Shell), parties working on energy from water (NWB Bank and various water boards), municipalities (The Hague, Groningen, (Metropolitan) Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht), provinces (Gelderland, Limburg and South Holland), branch organisations (Bodemenergie Nederland, Geothermie Nederland, Netbeheer Nederland and Netwerk Aquathermie) umbrella organisations of energy cooperatives (EnergieSamen and Energie van Utrecht), Warmteetwerk Westland (some horticultural businesses, HVC, Capturam and the municipalities of Westland and Midden-Delfland) and Warmte Samenwerking Oostland (municipalities of Pijnacker-Nootdorp, Lansingerland, Zuidplas, Waddinxveen and Zoetermeer), applied research institutes (Deltares, TNO, KWR), and the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate Change (acting as principal) and of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.