Nitrate App now on iPhones

Published: 27 October 2017

The iOS version of the Nitrate App will be released during the Delft Software Days, the event where developers and users from all over the world meet in Delft to pass on the latest developments in the field of soil and water software.

Detecting nitrate

The Nitrate App makes it possible to conduct – for just 50 eurocents a measurement – very straightforward measurements of surface water and groundwater, to detect nitrate sources and hot spots, and to test the effect of measures. So the app will be particularly welcome for people working professionally with water quality such as farmers, water authorities or water companies.

For developers, too

The viewer linked to the app (website), with specific combinations of background maps, monitoring information and area characteristics for different user groups, can also be of interest to software developers in the field of water quality. In addition, the technology in the app can be used for other measurements that involve test strips, for example for ammonium, phosphate, sulphate, chloride and pH. The Nitrate App is already being widely used in the Netherlands, but an international test case is still welcome. The enhanced availability of the app will help in that respect.

There has already been interest from the USA, Denmark and New Zealand. And a pilot project with the app is now proceeding in California. The Delft Software Days are a wonderful occasion to present the app to a wider international audience.

Are you also interested in the possibilities of the Nitrate App? Then you should sign up for the Delft Software Days on 1 November. There will be two workshops on the programme that day during which you will also have the opportunity to use the app yourself.