Peeking into the future with adaptive pathways

Published: 26 June 2018

Climate change, new technologies and the growth of our region affect our water supply-demand balance in several ways, adding uncertainty to our water future. This is why Hunter Water and its Water Resilience Program are exploring an adaptive pathways approach to long term decision making.

Hunter Water’s Water Resilience team and Deltares organised a workshop on the 17th of May 2018 to further develop planning tools for an uncertain future. These tools help planners create a strategic vision of the future, commit to short-term actions, and establish a framework to guide future actions. A plan that embodies these ideas allows for its dynamic adaptation over time to meet changing circumstances.


Hunter Water’s Director of the Water Resilience Program, Emma Berry, highlighted the importance of a flexible and adaptive approach to long term planning: “Decision-makers face deep uncertainties nowadays, especially when we talk about long term water planning, so it is necessary to have plans that can be adapted over time to respond to unforeseen future conditions. The Water Resilience Program sees value in investing incrementally rather than early on large scale solutions, to ensure we can take advantage of future opportunities brought about by technological change and innovation.”

Do you want more information about the tools or get in touch with us to find how the tool can help you?  Check out the video about the Deltagame below, read about our work with the Adaptive Pathways or contact us.