Provincial authority and Deltares team up for a climate-resilient South Holland 

Published: 5 July 2017

The province of South Holland and the independent research institute Deltares will be pooling their resources to make the province climate-resilient. The memorandum of understanding for the period 2017-2019 was signed on Tuesday, 4 July 2017 by Rik Janssen, on behalf of the authority, and director Ron Thiemann of Deltares. The agreement also includes a joint knowledge and research agenda covering topics such as climate change, land subsidence and the transition to renewable energy. 

The basis for the alliance was established when the provisional authority visited Deltares for a working visit on 17 May 2016. Rik Janssen: ‘As a provincial authority, we want to invest in a climate-resilient South Holland with a strong knowledge economy. Working with Deltares – a leading research institute around the corner – allows us to do that.’ The provincial authority wants to invest in strengthening the knowledge economy in South Holland, including the Water and Delta Technology top sector.

Ron Thiemann: ‘Deltares works around the world on issues relating to water and the subsurface. So we are also looking forward to working in our home province of South Holland and using unique knowledge to make an active contribution to the issues that are important here, such as climate adaptation, land subsidence and the energy transition. Together, we will be in a position to produce better integrated solutions.’

Knowledge and research agenda

The alliance between the provincial authority and Deltares will be shaped using the knowledge and research agenda for 2017. This agenda is structured around the areas of spatial adaptation, freshwater supplies, soil subsidence, soil and groundwater systems, and the energy transition. Naturally, on a regional scale, there will be cooperation with other government authorities, companies and research institutes. Concrete issues on the agenda are: Which adaptive strategies can be used to make South Holland climate-resilient? How can we manage land subsidence? How can we shape the energy transition in the coming decades?

Adaptive Delta

In 2017 and 2018, the province of South Holland will be working with other organisations on the Adaptive Delta challenge. The ambition is to anchor climate adaptation broadly in provincial policy by 2020. A great deal of knowledge has been built up in recent years about the impact of climate change but practical experience is still in short supply. The alliance between the provincial authority and Deltares will strive to build up that database of practical knowledge and generate action perspectives.