Report on the Clean Water Experiment

Published: 9 February 2018

The report on the Clean Water Experiment in Amsterdam has been published. The Clean Water Experiment is a citizen science project that was organised in Amsterdam last summer.

The people of Amsterdam were given a special toolbox to measure water quality themselves and they sent their results to a special website.

The results and lessons learned from this experiment can now be found in this publication.

There is also a video about the experiment itself. The anonymised data from the research are also available from the website.

The Clean Water Experiment was designed to give the people of Amsterdam the opportunity to learn about water quality in the city, to generate more data about water quality, and to look at how the general public rate water quality. In addition, the project was intended to give all those involved the opportunity to learn about using citizen science in practice.

The experiment was an initiative from Waternet, the Amstel water authority, Gooi and Vecht, Wageningen University and Research Centre, the AMS Institute, KWR Water Research, artist Pavèl van Houten and Deltares.