Site regeneration? The brownfield navigator is now available.

Published: 9 December 2014

Underexploited or derelict sites can be re-used by improving collaboration, and drawing on smart technologies and combinations of functions. The brownfield navigator (BFN) supports this process and supplies the appropriate tools and information.

The BFN can be found on (LINK). It was developed by Deltares as part of the European HOMBRE project ( This interactive tool with alternatives and out-of-the-box solutions for regeneration sites is available to anybody working on regeneration plans.

Call for municipal and provincial civil servants

The brownfield navigator is an on-line decision-support programme structured on generic lines due to the fact that it was developed in the context of a European project. “But the BFN can also be tailored straightforwardly for use in specific projects. The BFN is structured on modular lines and it uses open-source software so that third parties can add other, more specific tools and information. You can draw on the knowledge acquired in the European project but you also get customised solutions. I am calling on municipal and provincial civil servants involved with brownfields or regeneration sites to use the brownfield navigator and to get in touch with me to discuss their specific situations and requirements,” says Linda Maring, the project leader.

Brownfield navigator tested in range of European countries.

The brownfield navigator was tested in a range of European countries as part of the HOMBRE project. Linda Maring: “The brownfield navigator was tested, for example, during a meeting in Genoa (Italy) with the municipal authority and a working group of local residents tackling a regeneration site that was proving difficult. The local residents had been organised since 2007 and were involved in the discussions. In a session discussing the BFN, the chair of the working group said that he had expected a more technical tool, one that the working group itself would not be able to use. However, he was pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be an understandable and accessible tool. As far as he was concerned, it would have been welcome back in 2007. The examples in the database were very practical, giving the working group a better picture of the possible solutions and feasible results for the site.”

Linda Maring: “The next step will be to develop the knowledge further in practice. We still have underexploited or derelict sites and they cost money all the time. If they can be used, they can generate added value for both the site and the local surroundings. ”

Testing of brownfield navigator in Genoa

Testing of brownfield navigator in Genoa


If you have any questions about the regeneration of underexploited or derelict sites, please get in touch with Linda Maring, Soil Management expert with Deltares ( )

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