Stockholm World Water Week 2017: Actions to reduce water-related conflict risks

Published: 4 September 2017

Deltares co-organized the session ‘Addressing conflict risks in climate adaptation and mitigation efforts’ at World Water Week in Stockholm last week. The audience was informed of the fact that climate-water-conflict risks still uncertain, and very much context dependent. Improved water shortage indicators can help understand which countries are at risk in the present situation and under future scenarios. World Bank and Cordaid shared their perspectives on working on water management in fragile context.

Water shortage hurdles

The good news is that it may be possible to take actions to reduce these risks, although various hurdles may still need to be overcome. This was the conclusion of a group of international experts who participated in our session. Actions can be top-down or bottom up, preventive or responsive, and one action is not necessarily better than another. Different actions are the mandate or responsibility of a various actors, who in turn may require specific information to take decisions on these interventions. See the Dutch Water Sector news item.

Big data and hotspot maps

Together with partners, Deltares works on the application of global water models to early identification of water shortage situations that could have severe societal implications. At Amsterdam International Water Week 2017 we will present our latest developments. Please join us on November 1st 9:00 -10:30. For more information: