The new Delta Life magazine is out!

Published: 7 April 2017

The 7thedition of Delta Life focuses on 'Water and Health'. Lora Fleming, the director of the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, points out the health risks related to water and talks about the European Blue Health project. The 'Water and Health' dossier describes current research for reducing the health risks.

Delta Life no. 7The magazine also includes an interview with Frank Heemskerk of the World Bank, and a discussion of the importance of water for economic issues. ‘Economic growth is very thirsty’. How can Dutch knowledge can be used to tackle the challenges of water allocation? And what is the role of the World Bank here?

There is also an overview of the work of Deltares in the Cauca Valley in Colombia, an area where seasonal fluctuations are extreme. It has recently emerged that this is not without risks for the local people. Deltares knowledge about water and the subsurface can help, for example, to use the wetlands in smarter ways to store water.

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