The Ocean Cleanup is using multiple test facilities to optimize their concepts

Published: 16 December 2016

Deltares supports the initiative of The Ocean Cleanup by giving the engineers from The Ocean Cleanup access to our test facilities. By testing their concepts, they can come up with an effective design to capture the plastics in the oceans, which form a large environmental and social problem.

The Ocean Cleanup has been doing tests in the Deltares test facilities regularly to optimize their concepts. Last year they performed tests in the Scheldt Flume and this year they are using both the IOS basins  and the Atlantic basin test facility.

Now testing concepts of a retention system

In the last series of tests in the Atlantic Basin, they are testing different concepts of a retention system to capture the plastics behind the barrier. Testing with waves and currents represents the real life situation in the Pacific Ocean best. By observing the scale model in the test facility the effectiveness of its design under those conditions must be established.


The ocean cleanup testing in Atlantic Basin

The ocean cleanup testing in Atlantic Basin