VIA water projects in Africa

Published: 29 July 2016

Deltares is implementing new VIA water projects. The VIA water programme aims to solve water problems in African cities through innovation. The first innovation in this case is the Chezo Serious Gaming Hub (Kenya).

Chezo Serious Gaming Hub in Kenya

mancala gameThe focus in this project is on urban water management. With Upande (Kenya), iHub (Kenya), FloodCom and The Barn, Deltares will be developing serious games that contribute to solving urban water problems. The knowledge will be transferred through a local Serious Gaming Hub with Kenyan entrepreneurs and experts. Kenya has a strong tradition of game-based learning: the seed game Mancala is just one example.

The VIA water programme

The VIA water programme is made possible by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Aqua for All and UNESCO-IHE.