Monitoring of Environmental Impact of the Works for Improvement of the Navigation Conditions on the Danube

The main objective of the project is to monitor the environmental factors as result of implementing the project “Improvement of Navigation Conditions on the Danube between Calarasi and Braila (Romania)- Stage I”. In addition to monitoring, the project includes an extensive modelling component that includes numerical modelling for hydraulics, morphology, water quality, and habitat suitability for the entire study reach. Deltares has been responsible for the modelling tasks.

Danube river


The following services are being provided by Deltares:

  • Data Analysis in preparation for modelling the Danube reach  Calarasi – Braila (hydraulics, morphology, water quality and habitat)
  • Model construction of a quasi 3-dimansional model(s)
  • Calibration of the Hydrodynamics and Morphology models
  • Scenarios analysis including Baseline scenario before construction of  hydro-technical works and the final scenario after the construction
  • Capacity building and on the job training of beneficiary staff on the use of the model and scenario analysis.
  • Give advice to minimize and prevent, as much as possible, the impact of the proposed construction on terrestrial ecosystems, in particular the Natura2000 sites.

The modelling is carried out using Deltares in-house modelling suite Delft3D. For more information please also refer to the project website.