National Coastal Strategy, adaptive growth

The National Coastal Strategy presents the ‘adaptive principle’. Allowing flood defences to rise in an integrated way in line with the sea level, we will ensure that we have a safe, economically strong and appealing coast. At many places along our coast, other developments play a role alongside safety. For example, spatial planning is often already needed in the short term, even though interventions to safeguard protection will only be required much later. The Guideline for Adaptive Concepts provides concrete steps for tackling protection and spatial development together so that they do not get in each other’s way in the future. This prevents disinvestment and problems with integration.


Implementation of adaptive measures

In two master classes, the Water Governance Centre, working together with Atelier1:1, Deltares and TNO and a few active coastal municipalities, engaged in a process with the aim of implementing adaptive concepts. Deltares contributed its governance expertise relating to the implementation of adaptive measures.

Guideline for Adaptive Concepts

The Guideline serves as a basis for the sharing of knowledge and experience in practice, and for the further development and anchoring of adaptive concepts. The Guideline for Adaptive Concepts is available for downloading.