Adaptive circular cities

Major urban challenges demand integral solutions

In 2015, under the management of Deltares, the leading Dutch research institutes Deltares, TNO, DLO and ECN combined forces in the Adaptive Circular Cities project. The objective was to develop innovative combinations of solutions for major urban challenges, using the state of the art expertise, tools and models that the institutes have to offer. Optimal combinations should simultaneously contribute to climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation and resource efficiency in cities. Also, the business cases of new concepts should be sound and an attractive alternative. Quite a challenge.

From the start, it was clear that achieving these project ambitions demands working in interdisciplinary teams. Therefore, cross-sectorial collaboration between researchers and with stakeholders in cases constituted an important element in the project.

A number of ambitious real world cases were analysed. The project resulted in tailor made advice for these cases, but because of the representativeness of the selected cases, results will also be useable for other cities. End results will be published on