Bottom-up climate adaptation strategies towards a sustainable Europe (BASE)

Deltares is making a major contribution to the improvement of the European climate adaptation policy. This includes, for example, the Bottom-up climate Adaptation Strategies for Europe (BASE), which is looking at the costs and benefits of a possible European climate adaptation policy.

The scale at which this is being done varies from large to small in various sectors. In this way, the European Commission will have a better idea of the benefits of a European climate adaptation policy.

Knowledge generated in climate adaptation projects in Europe is not easy to access, understand and therefore hard to act upon by policy makers, professionals and other stakeholders. There is a call for a publicly available comprehensive integrated knowledge base.  With guidelines as well as lessons learned.

From 2012-2016, the BASE project will foster sustainable adaptation in Europe by improving the knowledge base on adaptation and making this information easier to access, understand and act upon. Specifically, BASE will compile and analyse data and information on adaptation measures and their effectiveness towards a publicly available comprehensive, integrated knowledge base. This includes analysis of social and economic benefits, sectorial adaptation costs, and policy making implications.

Examines climate change adaptation case studies from across Europe

To gather insights from the local level, the BASE project examines climate change adaptation case studies from across Europe. The case studies focus on key adaptation sectors such as water and ecosystem services, rural and urban areas, food production and coastal zones. Many case studies cover multiple sectors or policy levels, examining the interactions between sectors and across scales. This bottom up information will be compared and integrated into top-down sectorial modelling results and resulting pathways for adaptation under different futures scenarios will be derived including policy and implementation requirements.

Project results dissemination

The project results will be disseminated to policy makers, practitioners and other stakeholders to increase awareness of the impacts, costs and benefits of adaptation for sustainable adaptation strategies through tools such as Climate-ADAPT.