Cost Benefit Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA) Planning Kit

This planning kit is a novel cost benefit tool that has been developed during the studies done for the Deltaprogramme for The Netherlands and has been successfully applied there This tool enables the user  to economically evaluate climate adaptation strategies

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Developed as a decision support tool

The Planning Kit is developed as a decision support tool to evaluate a wide variety of flood riskmanagement strategies under different scenarios for climate and socio-economic changes.  Also soil subsidence is included. The tool determines nominal and present values of all costs of measures and the present value of the cost of expected flood damages. Strategies that can be evaluated include raising flood protection standards and measures such as building levees, barriers, increasing room for river, reducing risk in building and planning as well as improving emergency response efficiency.

Effects of different investment strategies

These measures can be placed in different time instances between present and 2100 so the effects of different investment strategies with time can be evaluated. There is always a trade-off between investing in dikes and other measures. This enables the user to investigate question as what is the best timing or order to invest in certain flood risk reduction measures. The tool has been successfully applied in the Delta program for the’ Rijnmond-Drechtsteden’ (Rhine-Meuse delta) region.