Deltaplan Bangladesh

The Bangladesh delta has more than 50 rivers and a vulnerable coastal area, and it is susceptible to flooding. Furthermore, the country faces major water-quality problems. It is going through a period of rapid economic growth, making a long-term vision for water management increasingly urgent. Deltares will be teaming up with Bangladeshi colleagues and stakeholders to develop, over a period of 30 months, a sustainable and supported strategy and implementation programme for tackling the water-related problems in the country. Deltares will focus primarily on the areas of resource management (water and land) and adaptation strategies for water management and coastal management. The Dutch ambassador and the Ministry of Planning in Bangladesh are the principals for this 2100 Bangladesh Delta Plan.

Bangladesh 035

Key outputs for the Bangladesh deltaplan are

  • A delta vision which offers a clear perspective for Bangladesh, based on the existing vision for 2021, but even looking ahead to 2050 and 2100
  • A set of future scenarios and an assessment framework consisting of a set of policy based criteria to support prioritisation by decision-makers on proposed adaptation strategies and measures.
  • An implementation program and guideline for the coming 5 to 10 years, including key decisions at national and hot spot level, a short-to-medium investment plan, project portfolio and knowledge agenda, funding mechanisms and private sector involvement
  • Input for the 7th Five Year National Plan
  • A coordinated and transparent Delta Framework and adequate governance, including a roadmap for institutional change and policy reforms and a draft Delta Act
  • Communication, participation and capacity building program, including Delta Ateliers and touch table sessions.

In this project an Adaptive Delta Management approach will be followed and developed, entailing the identification of no- or low-regret measures and the development of alternative pathways of suiteable measures which can be scheduled flexible.